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  Why a Stone Mountain Wedding will be awesome!  
Owner and Musician Carol Noonan performs in and produces performances for a living here at Stone Mountain. One of the reasons people travel from all over to come to this unique timber frame facility on the hill is because Carol has a unique talent for presenting a very special event in a very special way.
  Stone Mountain Barn Wedding Collage  

We will help you make
your special day
a piece of cake!

  Carol has been a florist, a chef, a waitress, a bartender, and for over two decades a national recording artist and renown singer songwriter, and of course owner to the now renown Stone Mountain Arts Center.. Isn't that just what you need? Forget those wedding planners! Carol Noonan knows how to make stars like the Indigo Girls, Judy Collins, John Hiatt, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and the Neville Brothers happy.....your special day is a piece of wedding cake! SMAC as the locals call it, has lots to offer, but the thing that sets us apart from all the other venues is our personal touch. Carol and crew take your wedding very personally and are here to help you through the entire process.

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from Carol    

Carol Noonan Thank you for being interested in Stone Mountain for your wedding and congrats!!

As they said above, I do take your wedding very personally, and my staff and myself will work wicked hard for you! We have the best crew in the world and that is really important on your wedding day.

We humbly invite you to read below lots of our details and pricing to see if we are a good fit. We are a unique place for unique folks..hope you will be some of them!!

And before you get into the nitty gritty, here is a litte photo slide show for your enjoyemnt. The song that goes with it, is a song I wrote many years ago and recorded with my old band, Knots and Crosses. I wrote it when I fell for my husband Jeff :.) It's a great wedding song! “Waiting For You” …...

  Our Hannah          

When we first opened SMAC I never imagined we would do weddings. I only had music on the brain ! So our early weddings were pretty much coordinated by me, myself, and I don't know what I'm doing. God love those first couples who put up with me and my old school ways. My heart was always in the right place, but it was clear I was not as "pinterested" as I could be in some of the finer details. So I wanted to get someone to help with those details....someone who could work with our couples that had that same heart, but was maybe a little more in touch with what's going on in the current decade! I got that in Hannah, but so much more. : >)

So here is my " Hannah Proclamation" :
I always say, " Everyone should have a Hannah" And if you get married here you will end up saying that too. Hannah Babineau is our excellent wedding coordinator. It was the consensus that she should be billed that way, but I actually don't like that title for her. It doesn't do her justice. It doesn't sound Hannah Babineauwarm like she is, and it doesn't sound fun like she is. When I think of Hannah and what she does for our couples here, I think of words like sister, friend, hand holder, and supporter.... your champion, your guide, your go-to-gal, yes and even sometime your therapist! You can sum up the role she plays in our weddings by the stack of thank you notes that come to us addressed to Hannah. And I mean these are not the stock thank-you photos...these are hand written and thoughtful notes about what she meant to them and their wedding. Most couples don't know how much work a wedding can be. The couples that get married here never have to find out..Hannah will make sure of that. She is one of the best reasons to get married here. I couldn't do it without her and neither should you!

If you notice this photo of her it looks like there is a halo over her head.....ummm..need I say more? xoxoxoxox

Hannah and Bride

Wedding Wire Reviews ...


Planning Your Wedding Should Not Always Be Serious!

So here is a little comic relief, courtesy of Saturday Night Live.
We think it’s hilarious.
Hopefully none of your Dad’s will act like this!

  The Barns    

The Stone Mountain Arts Center boasts two beautiful timber frame barns. Both are available year round for your function. Both are heated and air conditioned.

Maine Barn at Stone Mountain

The Maine Hall... (above)
The golden framed main room and concert hall has a raised stage back dropped by a beautiful stand of windows ... perfect for a ceremony as well as the rest of your days activities from to dancing. The main hall also has table seating for 50…a crow’s nest view to your beautiful day!


Quisisana Barn

The Quisisana Barn....
This is literally the party barn.

Our 200 year old antique barn with vintage lighting, bar. and cosy bays for them sections like photo room, martini bay, appetiser bays, and a big middle aisle. This is usually where your reception will begin!

Up to 150 depending on how you utilise the halls…every wedding is different!

The Green Room...  

Green Room This is where all the stars get ready, and you are no different....comfy couches, bathroom, shower, iron, steamer, mirrors, ...anything to make you look your best for your special day...oh, and a pool table!

Nothing like a game of pool to work out those pre-wedding jitters! (please keep in mind the party is upstairs....this room is just for gettin' ready!)

Destination Weddings          

We do them all the time. Some couples we have not seen till the day of the wedding!!! We'll take the work and worry out of planning a destination wedding away. We will help you with every detail from flowers, photographer, cake, ceremony, and reception to lodging, your rehearsal, and local transportation as needed. Don't forget..we have a Hannah!

If you or your family is from away...
we'll help you with all the arrangements.
Not living here should not scare you off from getting married here at this special place. Most of our couples do not live locally. We can work that out for you. We work with lots of local inns right nearby that we can work with to arrange a special weekend for you. Maybe stay at a nearby inn, have the rehearsal dinner, an afta wedding party, and big hangover breakfast. It’s really nice to have everyone in one place to gather ... it's a great time to catch up with family and friends you have not seen for awhile, they enjoy a little getaway and time with you, and you get a start on your honeymoon ... so think about that and then just bus to us! If you give us the number of people, how many nights etc, we can work on it for you. We can suggest a few bus companies for your wedding day.

Winter Weddings          

Stone Mountain Winter Wedding VideoWe are open all year long of course, but I would humbly say we do a wicked awesome winter wedding. I could tell you all about it, but this beautiful video of photos taken by Andy Duback of Duback Photography tells the whole story.

Sweet kids, Sarah and Chad celebrated their big day in February of 2013. Andy shot from beginning to end..starting with the dressing room!!!

The couple ordered just the right amount of snow and mother nature did not disappoint. Grab a kleenex and watch how heir day unfolds.

Winter Wedding at Stone Mountaiin  
Wedding Packages          
  Well.....every wedding is different, right?
Some of you want to be very hands on...some of you want to be very hands off...some of want to be both hands off and hands on! So we came up with some packages to fit yer different styles and budgets. But we know every wedding is unique least it should be! So although the packages are all inclusive to make it easy for you, there is always room for flexibility, and finances are always worth a discussion.
    Back to Basics
  We Do It All

Stone Mountain "Back to Basics" Wedding Package
We provide the basics, and you provide the Frosting...literally.

120.00 per person
Minimum: 85 people

* Multiple use of our two barns for ceremony and reception including use of our in house tables and chairs, linens, vases, etc.
* Use of stage for ceremony
* Staff and gratuity
* Use of grand piano
* Use of two sound systems in both rooms
* Dinner served buffet style and Appetizers
* Decorating within reason ... we will not plant perennials to match your dress, but we will be glad to help you get the room decorated with your special touches!
* Wedding Planning: We have a wedding planner built into all our packages, so your wedding can be as easy as possible for you. The personal touch and planning skills of our amazing Wedding Coordinator Hannah Babineau is what sets us apart from other venues. No one will do as much for you. She and Carol really know how to throw a party!

Stone Mountain "We Do It All" Wedding Package
We take care of all of yer wedding needs with this package.

220.00 per person
Minimum: 85 people

*Multiple use of our two barns for ceremony and reception including use of our in house tables and chairs, linens, vases, etc.
* Use of stage for ceremony
* Flower Bundle: by our in house florist Jackie Gardner: 3 Large Floral Arrangements/ Table centerpieces,,,,,Flowers are limited to the usual suspects. Special orders such as calla lilies etc, could be an extra charge.
* Use of grand piano
* Use of two sound systems in both rooms
* Staff and gratuity
* Open Bar includes hot and cold appetizers and runs all evening
* Dinner served buffet style
* Champagne toast
* Wedding Cake: a two tiered cake for bride and groom and cupcakes for your guests, all prepared by Vintage Baking Company in North Conway. This offering is flexible...maybe you want a pie wedding! Give us yer ideas.
* IN House DJ . Hire one of our pool of good DJ’s ,,,our engineer will be there too to make sure it all sounds great.
* To Go Pizza for your ride home and after party (1 pie per 10 people)
* Wedding Planning: We have a wedding planner built into all our packages, so your wedding can be as easy as possible for you. The personal touch and planning skills of our amazing Wedding Coordinator Hannah Babineau is what sets us apart from other venues. No one will do as much for you. She and Carol really know how to throw a party!

Typical SMAC Wedding Schedule          

As a result of hosting many weddings, we have found that this schedule sample of a typical SMAC Wedding is most enjoyable for the bride, groom, family and all their guests.

4:00: Ceremony in the Maine Room Cocktail reception and photos follow in the Quisisana Barn with an open bar of beer and wine until dinnertime and appetizers for your guests. They will be well taken care of while you take your photos.
5:30 - 6:00: Guests invited back into the Maine Room for dinner. We will welcome you back into the room with a glass of bubbly. Start with a champagne toast, then dinner is served! After dinner move into the Quisisana Barn for your first dance and cake cutting. Music and dancing continue!
10:00: Time to go home....or plan an after party!

  Rehearsal: If we do not have an event the night before your wedding, you are welcome to do a rehearsal in the Maine Hall. If there is an event please plan on rehearsing earlier in the day or earlier in the week. Please note that there are no guaranteed rehearsal days or times. We do our best to keep the night before your wedding free, but there maybe a show or another rehearsals have to be arranged accordingly. If nothing is booked the night before your date when you book, and you want to guarantee that is stays open, there is a fee of $1000.00.
Food & Beverage Details          
The Food:
We refer to our food as Gourmet Comfort Food.....if you want popovers and Wellington, we are probably not the place for you....but if you want some simple, fun, yummy, really pretty, fresh food we are really good at that. We are all about color and taste...we will not stand a crustacean on a plate to look back at you. But the platter of food that comes out will definitely make you smile. I like to have you fill out a form that will tell me what you like, what your guests like, any dietary restriction, etc. It is really important to me that your menu reflect you. I rarely do the same menu twice, although we do have some favorites like our Wedding Ravioli and our Maple Bacon Steak Tips that many of our couples have chosen among lots of other options.

And that is something we love to do...give you lots of options. We generally do buffets, so we can have multiple entrees and satisfy all diets and palates. WE will do family style upon request and everything is up for discussion. I hate to say no, but I will say no to anything I think we cannot do well. Fair?

We have a well staffed bar serving beer and wine. Our house wines and beer list will be available, but we are glad to bring in special items to fit your style. We have some limitations on what we can get from out distributors, but we work hard to get what you like. Wine can be purchased for the tables and our house wines can be upgraded for an up charge. If you choose an open bar cocktail hour, we provide a hefty time for this too, with plenty of one will wait for a drink....and the “ hours” are loose. Usually we keep it going more than an hour, until you come into dinner....which can take longer than an hour, between photos and such. Not to worry..we won’t throw the cash register up in the middle of your cocktail hour.
New: We do now have a spirits license as well, but we serve hard liquor at our discretion. Our open bar prices are based on serving wine and beer only. We can offer some specialty hard liquor cocktails for your cocktail hour for an upcharge. …like a margarita bay or martini bay. It is our hope for your sakes and ours that everyone has just the right amount of fun! :>)

Stone Mountain Arts Center Liquor Laws : >)
We are licensed to serve beer and wine and spirits. Again, we choose to serve hard liquor at our discretion. No outside liquor may be brought in or leave the premises..this can get us in a lot of trouble!. Drinking outside the building or in your vehicles is also a no-no. Please keep the party inside. In other words we want you to have a good time, but not at the cost of your loved ones and our license. All Maine laws still apply.....even in the country, especially in the country. Our country roads are a challenge as it is. It is our strong suggestion that you hire shuttles or arrange for designated drivers so that all of you can enjoy your special day safely. If you have underagers please let them know they can ruin your night by drinking illegally.....and if you have guests who look young, make sure they bring ID's... everyone looks ten years old to me now! Basically it is your job to inform your guests of our policies, so the day goes off without a hitch......except of course for you gettin' hitched!
Stone Mountain Appetizers  
  • Deposit: There is 25% deposit required of your estimated wedding cost to reserve the date which will be applied towards your total bill. Sales Tax: Package prices do not include Maine 8% Sales Tax.
Favorite Vendors          
  • Photography: We recommend Anne Skidmore. She is a local gal, and we think she is great. She has done a lot of weddings here and is highly recommended. She knows the area, knows the ins and outs of our venue, and knows how to get a great shot without being a distraction. You will barely know she is there...and she takes a beautiful photo. But book her early...she is very popular! Email Anne or call her at 603-502-0835. Visit our sample wedding links for a sample of Anne's work.

  • Jackie and her Flowers!!: Jackie Gardner is our in house florist.
    Jackie Gardner's FloralsShe is a great designer and a great person. She is also one of our full time staffers. She lives on Moonset Farm with too many animals and is always happy to have you over to discuss your big day. Regardless of what package you choose, she is really reasonably priced and wicked talented (see flowers right and look for more information at

  • Pianist - Sonny Barbato: Sonny plays in my band..he is an amazing pianist and accordion player. He played for years in the Copley Plaza Hotel piano bar. ..very old school but he can interpret any song for a ceremony and is great for the dinner hour. He is also an amazing accordion player....he will even stroll. I know again, kinda old school, but I think he is awesome. 617-924-6765

  • Band for Hire - OC and the Offbeats: This band has played at SMAC…..very pro, and nice, and talented. Great for dancing and cocktail hour. Contact them and see if they are a good fit for your live music needs: Contact Owen Conforte. 207-232-7088

    Here is their own bio: OC and the Offbeats is the feel-good machine from Portland, Maine. Drawing heavy influences from artists like Ray Charles, Bill Withers, Al Green and the like, they propel a time tested sound into the present with a new groove. After playing stages all over New England, they were excited to hit the studio in 2017. For all the latest news and sounds, head on over to or any of your favorite social media outlets. And

  • JP/Minister: Mary Edes is the minister for a local UU Church. But whether you are religious or definitely not, Mary just does the best certemonies..she’s funny, sweet, really gets the couples DJ Rob Riccitellishe works with and can always tailor the ceremony for your style and philosophies.

  • DJ we recommend: Rob Riccitelli - 207-332-1010
    Rob (pictured right) is always our top choice of DJ. He is always professional, really fun to work with, and its not all about him!!! We love him :>) He makes our job easy and that makes your party go smoothly. Years of DJ experience and wow, you can hear him on the radio too! He is a DJ at prestigious WCYY in Portland.

Anne Skidmore Weddings

SMAC Wedding Links ...
Nick and Abby
Caitlin and Ryan

  The best part of having a wedding is getting the thank you notes.

Our couples become part of our SMAC family. We know when they have babies and graduaations..we hear about their trips and their triumphs...we see them at shows on their anniversaries, and gatherings with their family. I guess what I am trying to say, is weddings are very personal for us, and we hope they are for you too. We have definitely been moved by many of our wedding relationships. Click here to read some of out thank yous and even a really sweet little Poem one of our favorite Dads wrote to us after their daughter's wedding.
Note from the Owner          

While we are in the Music business, not the wedding business, we are all about the ceremony.
The Stone Mountain Arts Center is a very special place to have a fun casual wedding. Lots of big stars have graced our stage. Now it is your turn!!!

Call 1-207-935-7292 or email us at
to set up an appointment to see if we are a good fit.

If you send us an email, hello and thank you for writing!
We answer all of our email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Please check your JUNK MAIL BOX! Some email programs don't like us.

I'm auditioning you too ya know!!! That might sound funny, but I really want this to be a good experience for you. If I sense that we can't make you happy, I will not take your hard earned money. Frankly I think you should all elope, save your money and put a down payment on a house.!!!! But I guess if you're reading this, that is already out of the question.

Sooo, hope to hear from you and best wishes for a new future together.
xoxoxoxoxo Carol Noonan

  Schedule an Appointment:
Call 1-207-935-7292 or
send us an e-mail.
  If you send us an email, hello and thank you for writing!
We will get back to you as soon as we can. Please check your JUNK MAIL BOX! Some email programs don't like us.

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