* Wouldn't you love to come to every show?
* Wouldn't you love to have your own special table every time?
* Wouldn't you love to have dinner at that table every time?
* Wouldn't you love to have a giant Christmas party every year?
   (Great for family, friends, or your business associates)
Become a SMAC Angel with Ten Year Membership

Well here it is....
The SMAC Angel Membership!
Now available for 5 Years or 10 Years!!!

This pass is good for years!
Who's got tenure? That could be you!....

The SMAC Angel Membership gets you:
* Two tickets witha free *meal to any and all shows....period for either five or ten years.
* A special table just for you...that you choose...  that will always be available whenever you come for a show. No coming early to get a number ... just waltz right in (and we hope you waltz) to your table for ten years!
* Extra tickets with a free *meal to one of our annual Friday Christmas shows.
Yes, a built in Christmas party for you and your friends and family every year of your membership. You'll receive 10 tickets witha free *meal each year with the 10 Year Membership OR 10 tickets with a free *meal each year with the 5 Year Membership.
* This pass can be loaned to friends, family, or used for business! 
This is a great way to say Thank You to anyone in your life - a show including a free *meal at YOUR table!
* How long is SMAC Angel membership? Why ten or five years ... you choose!
We plan to be here a long time. We have not even begun to do all we want to do with this place. There are all kinds of possibilities.

Soooooooo we are selling only a few SMAC Angel Memberships !
The value of this Tenyear Membership averages from 15 to 20K a year. Ten years of this offer is worth over 150,000.00!!! The cost of this pass is a wicked deal of $30,000.00.I know, its a big commitment, but if you are in the position to do this its a great deal for you or your buisness. And we will sell only two of these memberships. Wow....what a deal. Your "tenyear" would start from the day we recieve your payment.

Purchase the SMAC Angel Five Year Membership and you'll receive 2 tickets with a free *meal to EVERY show at SMAC for the 5 years from purchase date. You'll be seated at YOUR table everytime, and you get 10 tickets with a free *meal to a Friday Christmas Show for the next 5 years!!! This offer is estimated at $75,000. Membership available for only $15,000. A wicked good SMAC deal! Would be fun for a business or a group of friends too!

Again, we know this is a big commitment, but some of you spend over 3K with us already each year! So, if you love SMAC and want to be our Angel, this will make you really part of our family.

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* What is a free meal?
If your membership gives you a free meal, that means:

One free entree (ANY priced entree) period,
for each ticket reserved on your membership.

Entrees Can Be One of the Following:
  Dinner Salad (topped or untopped)
  One Plate Dinner Specials (pork dinner, corn beef, or pasta etc)
  One Pizza
  One Soup Combo
  One Bowl of stew, chowder, or chili
  One Wrap Meal

Menu can vary, so there maybe items that come up that are not listed here.

*And a few Reminders....
Basically your meal is one entree usually ranging in value from 18.50 to 32.00. It does not include additional salads, sides, beverages, desserts, or gratuity. * Sharing with a non member hurts us if it prevents them from ordering something. Remember we have calculated you as a free meal, not that non member seat is a much needed profit for us. But listen... if you order a pizza as your free entree and they purchase a salad, of course you can "do business" as my husband says : >) . But the main thing is that they are there to purchase dinner if they have reserved a dinner seat. We have a 15.00 minimum food purchase for diners.
FYI... Please always ask when in doubt... there will always be some kind of exception that could come up that we are not anticipating here. If it seems fair, it probably is. In other words folks, these memberships are designed to give you a free meal, while you commit to coming to us on a regular basis. We think that is win, win for everyone. So the logical policies to help us afford to do that are probably what you are thinking too. Thanks for your support xoxoxoxo Carol and Crew....  


Only a Few of these Memberships Available (check to purchase)  
    Check to Purchase One Five Year Membership at $15,000.00
    Check to Purchase One Ten Year Membership at $30,000.00
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    Daytime Phone:      
    Credit Card Information:
MasterCard or Visa ONLY - Please advise your bank of a large purchase

    Credit Card Number: 
    Expiration Date ex. MM/YY
    3-Digit CVV#:  found on the back of your card
    Name of Cardholder:     
    Credit Card Billing Information:
      When you have completed your order, click the "Submit" button ONCE to submit your bid then wait for your acknowledgement email to print for your receipt.

If you'd like to start over, just click the "Clear" button.
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