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When you dine with us, either at Noonan's or for curbside take out, you'll also support these local businesses.

Weston's Farm
Fryeburg, Maine

The Stow Away Baker
Stow, Maine

Northland Lobster Company
Conway, NH 

Support to
Provide a Meal...

If you can't be with us, provide a Take Out Meal to Support Us and
a Local Family.

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Food from Noonan's Tree House Cafe

SMAC Fattening The Curb!!

Curbside Take out Friday and Saturday Nights, COncert Nights and Selected Thursday Theme Nights. 

Curbside times Available 5:00 to 6:30
6:00 to 7:00 on Concert Nights

Please note that when you purchase our Curbside,
you are helping SMAC to survive to be here, when it is safe for us to shine again…. and we thank you!!!

We are small staffed and want to get this right for help us help you!!!


And Don't Forget ...
you can order by Email earlier in the week.

We encourage you to order ahead before items run out!
By phone call 207-935-7292 
If you cannot reach a live person leave a message and someone will call you back for your order. Do not leave your order on the phone!

Order by email anytime -
Orders must be received no later than 3:00 pm on the day of pick up.
If you email us an order, we will call you to confirm between 10:00 and 3:00.

To Order by Phone or Email We Will Need:

*Your Name

*Phone number to call to confirm.,..very important

*Make and color of your vehicle

*Desired pick up time
(we will try to oblige your time as close as possible)

* Wine by the bottle available. Must have ID to purchase

*And your order.
Please be clear….don’t use your thumbs!!!

*Add a Tip or not…if the spirit moves you, we can really use it!

* Cutlery or Napkins - Let us know if you need some.

* We have a few picnic tables by the dressing room courtyard below the Tree House Porch when available. You still must enter through the barn to get there. 


For your safety and ours, stay in your cars.
Our “masked” smacetts will come to You. When you arrive someone will greet you…you don't have to leave your car.

Payment ... Cash is still king with us!!!

* If you use a check or cash, please have that ready.
Even better, stick it in an envelope.
* Of course you can pay ahead with a credit card too.

* And also please let us know if you want to add a tip and how much.

* We humbly prefer that you do not use gift certificates or ticket credits.
The idea of doing this take out for us is to generate some cash flow while we are closed for concerts. We hope you save your credit and GC's for tickets in the future ...
Yes there will be a future!

Please come up here to pick up at the time we gave you only.
We don’t want a lot of congestion. Though we would love to spend time with You, we will have to keep you all moving :.)


We know our prices are on the high side…but again, when you purchase curb side you are helping SMAC to survive to be here when it is safe for us to shine again….and we thank you!!! By the way... ya know our portions are generous just like you!!!

p.s. We are also trying to use items from local folks to support them too, so your order feeds a lot of bellies ... not just yours!!!

*We cannot make special items but let us know if you have any allergies so we can keep you informed of what is available to you.
We wish we could accommodate everyone but we are very limited

Fattening the Curb with "SMAC EATS"
Menu Changes Each Weekend ... Check the date and refresh often!!

******* As Always we prefer CASH :>) *******


Menu for October 30
This is a concert night so take out is available 6:00 to 7:00
The menu changes weekly,
so refresh and check back the day of your reservation for the menu.

Maine Montecito Chips and Picante Salsa ... 12.00
A generous bowl of Maine’s own Montecito Roadhouse tortilla chips
served with Carol’s red pepper salsa sauce…you gotta try it....sooo good!

Farmstand Nachos ... 18.00
Nachos made with Maine’s own Montecito Roadhouse tortilla chips with garden veggies, a three cheese blend and served with red pepper picante sauce.and sour cream.
We send this uncooked and unbuilt so you can make it at home in your oven
Add Lobster 25.00

* Stuffed Meatballs  over Linguini.
Carol's  homemade meatballs stuffed with mozzarella cheese and  ladled with our basil tomato sauce. Garnished with parm cheese  and served with cornbread, and honey butter. 36.00

Buffalo Chicken Dinner … 33.00
Marinated Buffalo chicken, topped with a maple blue sauce and fiesta veggies. Served on veggie mashed potatoes or cheesy scalloped potatoes. Comes with cornbread and honey butter

* Sliced Prime Rib with Onion Boo Cheese Sauce. 36.00
Served over cheesy scalloped potatoes or veggie mashed potatoes cornbread, and honey butter. Served medium well

Stew-Bowl Was a Racehorse 25.00
Member that song..Stewball? Get it???  I know, your’e too young!! Anyway,  …A boule bread bowl full  of  chicken stew with Stow Away Baker’s Thyme Crackers .
Comes with a small garden salad with house dressing 

SMAC n’ Cheese 30.00
A rich , creamy and cheesy mac and cheese featuring garden veggies Comes with a Demi salad with house dressing, corn bread  and honey butter...
* Up a Notch It “ by adding Buffalo Chicken and Maple Blue Sauce 34.00
* Up a Notch it Wicked! adding lobster 37.00

Stew-Bowl Was a Racehorse 25.00
Member that song..Stewball? Get it???  I know, your’e too young!! Anyway,  …A boule bread bowl full of  chicken stew with Stow Away Baker’s Thyme Crackers .
Comes with a small garden salad with house dressing 

Tonight's Geno's Pizzas... 27.00  
The Greek 
Made with a crunchy herb crust from Stow Away Baker, red sauce, spinach, feta and Italian cheeses and black olives and tomatoes.

The Livin' It Up LOCAL “ SMAC Stacks"
These Sandwiches Support Some Awesome LOCAL Businesses Including SMAC!

Livin' It Up LOCAL Supah Lobster Stack
Supports 4 Local Including SMAC!
Northland Lobster stacked on a buttery grilled Stow Away Baker's Jumbo English Muffin with  Lettuce, Herb Basil Mayo and tomato.
Add bag of Deep River kettle chips and pasta salad.!
Livin' It Up LOCAL Buffalo Chicken Stack 
Supports 3 Locals Including SMAC!

Braised Buffalo chicken with melted cheese stacked on a buttery grilled Stow Away Baker's Jumbo English Muffin with Lettuce, Maple Blue Sauce, and tomato.
Add bag of Deep River kettle chips and pasta salad.

SMAC Big Dinner Salad

SMAC Super Salad ... 18.00
Fresh Greens garden veggies, dried fruits, topped with our House vingairette and Jeff's nuts! (his famous glazed pecans). Comes with cornbread and honey butter.

 Can’t Be Beet Salad ... 23.00
Fresh greens with roasted beets, Jeff’s nuts (glazed pecans), dried fruits, and a choice of feta, blue or goat cheese. Drizzled with orange honey buttermilk dressing and cornbread and honey butter           . 
Antipasto Garden Salad ... 25.00
Fresh greens with provolone, roasted and banana peppers, olives, salami and pepperoni, tomatoes, focaccia croutons and house vingairette Comes with crunchy crostini

Buffalo Gal Salad  ... 28.00
 This is like having your favorite wings only no bones or mess! Fresh Greens topped with buffalo braised chicken drizzled with our maple blue/ranch sauce with garden veggies and Stow Away Croutons. Topped with blue cheese crumbles with a side of our house vingairette and an additional side of our maple blue/ranch. Comes with cornbread and honey butter.

Livin' It Up LOCAL Lobster Salad
 Supports 4 Local Including SMAC!  ... 40.00
Fresh Greens with garden veggies dried fruits,  topped with a pile of fresh lobster meat and Stow Away Baker’s Homemade Croutons. Comes with a side of House Vingairette, and Corn Bread and honey butter Maine! All ya need is Moxie!

Xtra Salad Toppings For Any of Our Salads:
Smoked Salmon  9.00
Herb Roasted Chicken  8.00
Goat cheese  3.00
Feta Cheese  3.00
Blue cheese  3.00

Some To Go Favorites:

* Pint of our House Dressing (maple vinaigrette)  15.00

* Side of Cornbread and Honey Butter 4 pieces  10.00

* Side of Jeff's Nuts! (8 oz.)  8.00

Or.....Take Us Home in a Big Way!
A Big SMAC Suppoprter for 100.00 Includes:
A quart of the soup of the Day
A pint of house dressing
3 Giant Stow Away English Herb Muffins
3 pax Stow Away Crackers, 
3 Stow Away Slices of Brown Bread
3 Stow Away whoopie pies
Pint o Jeff nutz
Honey butter


 Stow Away Baker's Apple Pie ala mode ... 15.00
The Best Whoopie Pie You Have Ever Had ... 12.00
From the Stow Away Baker. Chocolate dipped, made with Dutch Chocolate Cake and a Creamy Cappuccino Filling
Dark Chocolate Turbinado Sea Salted Almonds
(8 oz
.)... 8.00


We have Spirits and basic bar choices and see below our wines ands beers. 

* IRISH CREAM and Jamesons  15.00
Add it to your ice coffee, coffee, or on ice after dinner


* Big Bottle of Berringer 1.5'er  25.00
Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, or Pinot Grigio

* Three from the Conundrum Winery
 Rose', Red Blend  or White Blend

* Oyster Bay Blanc  35.00

* Angeline Chardonnay 35.00

* Ruffino Pinot Grigio  35.00

* Marttin Ray Pinot Noir 45.00

* Michael David Freakshow Cabernet  42.00 

* J Lohr Reisling  35.00

* 1000 Stories Cabernet  35.00
* Chateau La Grave Cahors Malbec  35.00

* Veuve du Vernay Brut  35.00

* Zartetto Prosecco  38.00

* Cockburn Tawny Port  30.00

* Stella, Bud Light, PBR  6.00

Vermont Long Trail IPA,  Mountain Shed,  Guiness Draft (can) Saco Brewing IPA, Alligash White   7.00

Noonan's Tree House Café at Stone Mountain Arts Center 695 Dugway Road, Brownfield, Maine 04010 dot 1-207-935-7292
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