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Hello all you hungry people!!

Below is just a sample of what a night's menu might be. Again, it's just a is not necessarily the menu that we will have the night you dine with us.

Here are some SMAC Facts for Dining:

  • If you want to know what’s on the menu the night of your concert please call that morning. ( we won't know before then)
  • Special orders do not upset us as long as we know ahead of time....but everyone comes in at once, so if you have a special need we cannot always accomodate it without please call.
  • Dinner costs are approximately 20.00 to 25.00 per person.

I know it’s kinda high, but there are a number of challenges that come with having dining available before a concert. Like, everyone sits at once!! That takes a lot of staff...its not paced like a regular restaurant. And speaking of regular restaurants..we are not one! We are only open when we have an we are not cooking every night, we dont turn over tables....that makes our food cost not as efficient as a full time restaurant. We are kinda like the movies....we only make our money on consessions. Did you ever wonder why the popcorn is so high at the movies? Its not because they are bad people, it’s because that popcorn is helping to pay for bringing that movie to you. Same for maybe your Shepard;’s pie is paying for Lyle Lovett ...or your Chili is paying for Mary Chapin Carpenter!!

The bottom line is we do what we have to bring music up here to the willy wags. We try to make good food and lots of it...Our portions are pretty big so prepare to take some home with you and we really hope you like it.

Thanks for listening,
Carol, Jeff and Crew


Welcome to Dinner at the Stone Mountain Arts Center

* Lemony Chicken..... Slow roasted chicken breast in a rich herb lemon sauce. Comes with Confetti Rice (wild rice blend with rainbow peppers and herbs) Add a fruit garnish and corn bread and pumpkin butter for

* Dugway Dinner.....Our House specialty...a Yummy Corn Beef Dinner with a little twist! Corn Beef is braised with a savory root and fruit bed of shaved carrots, apples and cabbage. Served on on baby spinach and topped with Carol’s famous maple mustard creme. Comes with red mashed potato, cornbread, maple pumpkin butter, and watermelon. Sweet mothah!

* New England SMAC n’ Cheese.....a rich and cheesy mac and cheese baked with chunks of black forest ham, sweet peas, caramelized onions , and a buttery panko topping...Baked till bubbly and crunchy and then drizzled with a creamy mild blue cheese aoli sauce. Served with a demi salad drizzled with our house vingairette., corn bread, and fruit garnish.

*Marty’s Veggie Chili Basket... This chili features lots of garden veggies and a variety of beans. Garnished with a robust cheese blend and a side of sour cream and a side of guacamole. Comes With tortilla chips a demi salad drizzled with our house vingairette., corn bread, and watermelon.

* Harvest Stew ....This yummy stew is simmered up in a savory rich broth with carrots, sweet and red potatoes, peas, and the secret ingredient...sweet roasted pears and of course tender Pork tenderloin. We think this is a richer than usual stew experience! Served in a crock with a demi and our house vingairette., corn bread, and watermelon.

* Stew Bowl .....Have a hearty portion of this stew over mashed potatoes! Add a watermelon , corn bread and pumpkin butter.

* The Tomato Bacon Pizza....a 12 inch pizza starts with a creamy alfredo sauce , layered with baby spinach, bacon, Italian cheeses. Topped with sweet cherry tomaotes Leave off the bacon Tonight’s Dinner Salads SErved with cornbread and a fruit garnish.

* The Simple Garden...
spring greens, rainbow tomatoes, dried cranberries, drizzled with our house maple vingairette. Topped with berry walnut glazed clusters from our local “nuts” at Grandy Oats. Add Some fun stuff to your salad:
Add Smoked Salmon
Add Smoked Chicken
Add Combo...1/2 portions of the Salmon and Chicken
Add Blue or Goat cheese crumbles

* Pear Necessities Salad......Back by popular demmand! Spring greens, Roasted Pears, choice of goat or blue cheese, with dried cranberries, glazed pecans, (jeff’s nuts!) and drizzled with a maple poppy seed dressing. Add Some fun stuff to your salad:
Add Smoked Salmon
Add Smoked Chicken
Add Combo...1/2 portions of the Salmon and Chicken

* The “Mozza” Salad....spring greens, fresh buffalo mozzarella, rainbow tomatoes, dried cranberries and drizzled with our house maple vingairette Topped with glazed pecans, (jeff’s nuts!) Add Some fun stuff to your salad:
Add Smoked Salmon
Add Smoked Chicken
Add Combo...1/2 portions of the Salmon and Chicken

***SMAC After Suppahs ***

* Gingerbread Sundae!!!!

Gingerbread with vanilla ice cream, maple caramel sauce, and whipped cream.

* Port in the Sea.....
Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Almonds with a glass of Tawny Port!
NO substitutions please...
we serve 150 people in a short time. As much as we would love to, we just can’t do it.

But don’t hesitate to call us ahead of time if you need something special!

Oh, and folks we prefer that you use cash or a check rather than an interest charging credit card, when you can is most appreciated. As a small business, every little bit helps! Thanks!

And Just a reminder...
There is a $15.00 minimum food purchase for those of you with reservations for dinner seating.

We get a lot of questions about allergies. While some of our products don't contain what you are allergic to, we generally don't have allergies in mind when we are preparing food. This means that even our eggless, nutless, glutenless items may contain traces of what could dire to you.

We want to keep you and your loved ones safe, so if you really have a life threatening allergy, please keep in mind this is a kitchen where many of these items are prepared for hundreds of people. It's safe to assume that even with our best intentions, all of our products could somehow possibly contain trace amounts of what we prepare here. For this reason, we can make no guarantees. So if it could really make you deathly ill, it is our humble suggestion that you might not dine with us. BUT, that is not to say that we don't try our hardest to accommodate you. We usually have something for all diets. But for those folks who could end up in the hospital over a breadcrumb or a nut particle, we just can't take the responsibility of your precious health.

*And Just a reminder ...
There is a $15.00 minimum food purchase
for those of you with dinner seating reservations.
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